International Council on Alcohol and Addictions

Conseil international sur les problèmes de l’ alcoolisme et des toxicomanies

ICAA Membership

General Information

ICAA is a membership driven organisation. For people who are interested in the field of addictive behaviours, whether as students, health or welfare professionals, politicians, researchers, therapists policy makers or educators, ICAA offers the unique chance to be part of a global organisation which is driven by scientific understanding, impartiality and a commitment to health improvement and harm reduction. Working within ICAA's specialist Sections provides ICAA members with an opportunity to evaluate and comment on any and all aspects of addiction policy and strategy from within a global network of expert individuals and organisations. Membership provides an opportunity to contribute to the continuous development of research, education, prevention, treatment and policies in the field of substance use and all forms of addictions through ICAA's annual conferences and meetings, as well as through the ICAA Sections, which focus upon specific aspects of addiction.

Subject to the membership guidelines, membership is open to all organisations and individuals whose share the values of ICAA, whose aims and activities coincide with the Association's mission (cf. Art 2) and who are not directly involved in the promotion, manufacture or supply of psychoactive substances or activities.


Organisational Members

Organisational membership is available to organisations with a substantial interest in one or more of the areas of the Association's mission. Organisations requesting or maintaining membership status must be in good standing, be legally constituted in their country or countries of activity, be accountable to a Board of Directors, and have an annual report and audited financial statements.

Individual Members

Individual membership is designed for the researcher, practitioner, or those involved in policy-making. Individual members do not represent the organisation for which they may be working, and on joining will be affiliated to one or more of the Association's sections.

Student Members

Student membership is designed for the scholar or student. Student members do not represent the establishment in which they study and may participate in Sections’ relevant activities.

For more detailed information, please consult the Constitution.


Applications for membership to ICAA and to Sections acting in the field of the expertise of the applicant are made in writing or by completing the application form. Applications are submitted to the Management Committee, which decides on their acceptance with the agreement of the relevant Sections. Candidates may appeal against the refusal of admission to the General Assembly.


A range of benefits is offered to members of ICAA:

Annual Fee

Annual fees are determined by the Management Committee.

Fee rates are as follows:

Membership Type Amount
Organisational Membership 1200 Swiss francs
Individual membership 100 Swiss francs
Student membership Free for 2015

Payment of fees is normally by bank transfer and can be made in Swiss francs, British pounds, US dollars or Euros.

Fees are paid on application for membership and are invoiced annually thereafter.