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Conseil international sur les problèmes de l’ alcoolisme et des toxicomanies

President's Letter October 2014

Dear Friends.

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this message. At our last General Assembly (GA), which was held in Paris on September 19th, I had the honour to be elected ICAA’s President. More important, some major and exciting changes were defined to reposition our organization in the vanguard of the addiction field.

I will summarize the main outcomes of our GA (minutes attached), but first let me take this invaluable opportunity to formally recognize the dedication, commitment, and hard work that our former President, Dr. Peter Vamos, has done in the past ten years. It was under his leadership that ICAA’s rebirth was discussed – from business model and service delivery system to governance, organizational structure and membership criteria. And, as in his words, a new chapter in our distinguished history has begun in our last GA, when a new organization model was approved unanimously for ICAA as a Confederation of Expert Sections.

In this matter, we have adopted a new open, democratic, positive and empowering constitution, which is also enclosed. The main modifications are related to (1) the empowerment of sections, with their own Chairs and activities (e.g. seminars, conferences, training events) and (2) the governance of our organisation, with the replacement of the Board by a smaller but more efficient Management Committee comprising of Arthur Andrade, President, Peter Vamos, Immediate Past president, Hubert Sacy, Treasurer, Christina Pettersson and Solomon Rataemane.

This Management Committee is mandated to supervise and support the day-to day activities of the secretariat and facilitate the work of the sections. They will both report annually to the newly inaugurated Annual General Meeting of Members and they are fully accountable to the same.

We are confident that these changes will help ICAA to have an even brighter future, not only in regards to being in the forefront of the addiction field but also on membership recruitment, and on the ability of sections to influence the development and delivery of conferences, which will only be of benefit to ICAA’s future.

We will very soon announce a major international event that will help us position ICAA as an original, dynamic, innovative organization that brings an immense contribution to the challenges facing the field of addictions due to changing the conditions and policies, as well as financial restraints. We are committed to hold this event before the end of next year.

The past eight years have been challenging, but difficulties have been overcome thanks to the hard work and determination of Peter Rorstad and the contribution of the past Board members. Moreover, our plans for future financial management give cause for great optimism, especially the establishment of a Foundation to acquire additional funding to support both core costs and section goals.

As President, and being involved with ICAA for more than 30 years, I would like you to know that I will make all efforts to live up to our very successful history – but your participation is invaluable.

So I kindly ask you to help build this new ICAA as well as actively promote this re-birth by getting involved in our activities, register in the section of your area of expertise, invite other organizations in your field to join us. I invite all of you to send me your suggestions, especially for our new website which is under construction. Please do write to me or to the secretariat with your suggestions.

With my best regards,

Dr. Arthur Guerra de Andrade

Dr. Arthur Guerra de Andrade

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